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  • Sayed Al Ameen

    Sayed Al Ameen

    This course is useful for everyone interested in strategic planning and management   Balanced Scorecard is an excellent tool for strategy implementation.

  • Sami Sarhan

    Sami Sarhan Accountant - First Engineer Company

    I have benefited from this course and practical examples that explained the content in a great way, especially the strategic objectives, key performance indicators, Targets,  and strategic initiatives. This is my first time to know about leading and lagging indicators.

  • Anwar Abdel Rahman Anwar El Jerwani

    Anwar Abdel Rahman Anwar El Jerwani Senior Planning Engineer - Techno Project International

    This course is excellent for the importance of strategic planning for companies, institutions and individuals.

  • Magdy Ahmed El Kholi

    Magdy Ahmed El Kholi Project Manager - Bawakir Company

    The lecturer highlighted the main points of the topic in an excellent manner.

  • Ismail Ali Mahmoud Salama

    Ismail Ali Mahmoud Salama Strategic Planner -Information Systems Management

    Attendees are self-disciplined as a result of the high efficiency of the lecturers and I would like to attend with him in future training courses.

  • Ahmed Abo Bakr

    Ahmed Abo Bakr Strategy Department - Al Jazeera Media Network

    The lecturer's ideas are sequential, logical and information is simple and clear and the role of the attendees was activated during the sessions.

  • Saleh Al Merri

    Saleh Al Merri Chemical expert

    This session was characterized by enthusiasm, simplicity and clarity. I would like to attend training sessions with Mr. Adel in the future.

  • Mohamed Salem

    Mohamed Salem Engineer

    My presence with Mr. Adel has opened up new horizons that I will try to benefit personally.

  • Mostafa Gamal Anwar Mahmoud

    Mostafa Gamal Anwar Mahmoud Al Shaheen Company

    The content is more than wonderful and very important and the lecturer introduced the subject in a simplified way.

  • Ahmed Kamal Abdel Fatah

    Ahmed Kamal Abdel Fatah Veterinary Doctor -Ministry of Municipality and Environment

    This course added new and useful information to me and reflected on my work planning and management methods.

  • Dr. Sayed Talawy

    Dr. Sayed Talawy Group HR - Nabina Group

    It was very impressive and added value to my career.

  • Dr. Mahmoud Kamlah

    Dr. Mahmoud Kamlah Director of Medical Projects

    This initiative is valuable to anyone looking for excellence in business or even in personal life. Good planning using modern tools helps both employees and the company achieve goals both in the short and long term. In this regard I advise everyone to study the science of planning and strategic management.

  • Mohamed Mostafa Mohamed Mahmoud

    Mohamed Mostafa Mohamed Mahmoud Financial Accountant - Al Tamakon Comprehensive School

    The presentation is good and the subject is interesting The lecturer is distinguished by asking questions and engaging the attendees.

  • Sayed Nasr

    Sayed Nasr Ministry of Economic and Commerce - Economist

    Strategic planning and Management using the  balanced scorecard is very important in government institutions and the private sector and its implementation has a real impact on it.

  • Tamer Mahmoud Sayed

    Tamer Mahmoud Sayed Technical Office Manager - Redco Al Manaa

    The topic of the initiative is important and interesting and opens the horizons of thinking for any manager or business owner. The use of Balanced Scorecard in strategic planning and management balances the financial performance of the companies taking into account the customers and their needs, taking into account the appropriate design of the operational procedures, in addition to raising the capabilities of the employees and linking the performance by stimulating and continuous communication between the decision maker in the senior management and the planner in the front lines .

  • Goda Shalaby

    Goda Shalaby Director of Broadcast Engineering Department - Al Jazeera Media Network

    A good content and wonderful and a distinguished lecturer of scientific material wonderful.

  • Ahmed Nasr El Sayed

    Ahmed Nasr El Sayed Catering Manager

    A great effort by the distinguished coach Adel Al-Johani, who presented elements and stages of strategic planning and management in a coherent way.

  • Mohamed Mansour Hafez Ahmed

    Mohamed Mansour Hafez Ahmed Hymaia Security Services

    The course is very interesting and useful and expands the areas of knowledge in the planning and strategic management of individuals and companies of different types The knowledge gained from the course provides the continuity and cumulative gain of success.

  • Mohamed Sayed

    Mohamed Sayed Executive Engineer

    The course is useful and informative and the scientific material is more than wonderful, which has been used on the personal and professional level.

  • Abdel Hadi Ahmed

    Abdel Hadi Ahmed Managing Director - Al Jazeera Chanel

    This initiative is very important for those who carry out administrative work in various fields, whether private or governmental or not for profit. It opens up the perceptions of managers and raises the importance of planning, starting from the existence of vision, mission and deliberate plan, as well as taking economic, political, technological, environmental, legislative and technological changes in order not to be surprised by the effects Negative, which may lead to poor performance and in some cases the collapse of the entire entity as happened in large companies.

  • Ahmed Eissa

    Ahmed Eissa Administrative Manager - Retaj Water

    I would like to thank Mr. Adel Ali for his effortsو his clear enthusiasm and his ability to control the attendees concentartion, this is a result for his high efficiency in managing both attendees and content.

  • Jasim Abdullah Al Khaiat

    Jasim Abdullah Al Khaiat Senior Training Specialist - Ministry of Municipality and Environment

    A change in my concept of strategic planning & management for the better and clearer. He has highlighted the main points in the subject.I want to attend with him in the future.

  • Ali Mohamed

    Ali Mohamed Municipality of Doha

    The initiative was very usefull. I will attend with Adel in the future.

  • Maha El Fehaidi

    Maha El Fehaidi Participant in the preparation of the Second National Development Strategy 2018-2022-Ministry of Municipality and Environment

    An excellent and integrated explanation. He activated the role of the audience, which helped to enrich the knowledge.

  • Fawzia Ibrahim Ashknani

    Fawzia Ibrahim Ashknani Head of Awareness Unit- Ministry of Municipality and Environment

    This initiative is very useful for me and the lecturer's presentation was very rich. I hope to be a member in his strategic planning and management committee.

  • Ahmed Adel El Bajori

    Ahmed Adel El Bajori Veterinary Doctor -Ministry of Municipality and Environment

    Adel helped me organize my thinking. He is clearly enthusiastic about his interaction with the audience.

  • Farag Obaid El Merri

    Farag Obaid El Merri Ministry of Municipality and Environment

    Adel is  composed, well-informed, concise and logical, and appears to be knowledgeable about multiple areas of knowledge

  • Ameera Shaheen Fahd Al Kawari

    Ameera Shaheen Fahd Al Kawari Office of Assistant Undersecretary for Environmental Affairs -Ministry of Municipality and Environment

    The content was presented in a neat and streamlined manner, in addition to enabling the lecturer from the scientific material and using the puzzles to stimulate the audience.

  • Dr. Reda Bin Mabruk Alsasi

    Dr. Reda Bin Mabruk Alsasi International Trainer Expert

    ‎ دورة تدريبية دامت  وامتدت في الزمن فكانت فرصة  ذهبية للتعارف والتفاعل واقتراح المشاريع في جو من الأريحية والراحة النفسية والمتعة زادها بهاء و جمالا جمال المدرب الوديع والمدرب القدير أ. عادل صاحب الدعابة والثغر الباسم الذي جدد فينا الحافز والدافعية كلما خبت دافعيتنا أما عن القيمة العلمية للتدريبية  حول التخطيط الاستراتيجي فقد توافقت مع حاجات  جل الحاضرين والمشاركين الذين  اختاروا نهج الثيادة والمسؤولية وإدارة  الأعمال في التربية و المجتمع الاقتصادي والتكنولوجي

  • Anas Zayed

    Anas Zayed Act Bright

    Actually, BSC & KPIs were an amazing experience & great knowledge to be applied on the daily real world activities. Let me seize this opportunity to thank one of most supportive leaders I’ve met “Mr. Adel El Johani”  

  • Youssef Zaaboul

    Youssef Zaaboul QDVC

    The workshop was very well planned and delivered. The course material and case studies were all very informative. I learned a lot of new skills and methods that I think will be very helpful in my work going forward. Excellent training and very pleasant experience. All the credit to Mr.Adel for making it more engrossed, interesting and active knowledge sharing session.

  • Waleed Elmasry

    Waleed Elmasry Salam Studio & Stores

    It was very rewarding opportunity that Mr. .Adel El Johani train and coaching me the Strategic Planning & Management using Balanced Scorecard. He showed great expertise in this field and always going beyond expectation.   Mr. Adel was able to timely provide concise, precise and detailed information that clearly defined the critical area related to this course. I strongly recommend Mr. Adel as an expert in this area and wishing more and more success to him.

  • Dr. Atef  Elhadidy

    Dr. Atef Elhadidy Dar Iwan Contracting

    حضرت البرنامج التدريبي لأحقق لنفسي تطويرًا للمخزون المعرفي والمهاري في مجال التخطيط حيث أعمل، واكتشفت أن كم المعرفة وتدفق المهارات المكتسبة تتزايد يوم بعد يوم أثناء البرنامج التدريبي وما شعرت بطول الساعات التدريبية من انسيابية التطبيق ...... بالفعل أشعر أن خبراتي ومهاراتي التخطيطية قد أُضِيف إليها..... شكرًا جزيلًا لجهدكم. I attended the training program to realize the development of knowledge and skills inventory in the field of planning where I work, and I discovered that the amount of knowledge and the flow of skills gained increasing day after day during the training program and felt the length of training hours of the flow of newly acquired skills ...... Already feel that my experiences and skills has been added to it ..... Thank you so much for your effort.

  • Ibrahim	Hussain	 Alzobiri

    Ibrahim Hussain Alzobiri Qatar Voluntary Center

    I joined the training offered by Mr. Adel Abodahab, which lasted for 30 hours. The training course was extensive and beneficial for me. The trainer was organized, patient, clear, and used videos and visual technology to give examples, also encouraged participants to interact and give feedback during the training. Thank you to the trainer, who devoted a lot of his time free of charge, the course and the trainer were excellent.