Departmental/Business Unit (Tier2)

There are Three Approaches for cascading to business and support units

1. BY ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE; that follows the enterprise’s existing hierarchies and divisional /departmental relationships, displayed in and organization chart.
2. BY FUNCTION; which groups units into work-related categories, such as customer-facing units, delivery units, and production units or supports units?
3. By GEOGRAPHY; which creates groups based on location, such as international regions?
The below file Illustrates Tier 2 Process which can be summarized in:-
1. Training and orientation
2. Unit Purpose and Customer
3. Unit specific Objectives
4. Unit specific Objectives
5. Business and support unit strategy maps
6. Initiatives
7. Cross- coordinates cascaded maps and scorecards
8. Operating plans and budgets 
9. Change management and communications

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