Learning, Training & Development

The pace of change in the nonprofit sector has had an impact on workplace learning. Think of the current positions in your organization and the need for increased competence in change management, fundraising, diversity management and so on. The CPRN report, Skills and Training in the Non-profit Sector, explains that the need to constantly learn and develop new skills has never been greater:

"Change also puts the spotlight on training and education as a means of equipping workers with the tools they need to adapt to changing skill requirements, organizational change and increasing complexity in the external environment."

In this section of the HR Toolkit, you will find information about factors affecting learning and training, how to implement an employee development and training program, principles of adult education and a searchable directory of learning, training and development opportunities for people working in the sector.

In this Section:

1.       Factors Affecting Working & Learning

2.       Getting Your Organization Ready for Employee Training & Development

3.       Understanding the Employee as an Adult Learner

4.       Implementing an Employee Training & Development Program