Getting the Right People

Staffing is all about hiring the right people with the right skills at the right time.

Making sure you hire well is so important. Committed, motivated, qualified employees help your organization achieve its purpose. Hiring right can be time consuming, but human resources are a substantial investment and limited financial resources mean that hiring mistakes can be a huge financial burden. The cost is compounded when a hiring mistake erodes employee morale and disrupts your office. Additionally, the hiring process must be carried out fairly to avoid expensive and reputation damaging human rights claims.

This section of the HR Toolkit explores the considerations for getting the right people - with the right skills, at the right time - into your organization, and can be summarized as below.

1.        Laying the Groundwork

2.       Job Descriptions

3.       Recruitment

4.       Selection & Hiring

5.        Hiring an Executive Director

6.       Orientation

7.        Non-standard Employment