• What is a Constraints?

    Within   a project   or  initiative      management     context, constraints    are technological,      resource,   capacity,    skill, knowledge    or other  constraints     that may limit the  scope or execution    of the  project.

  • What is a Controls?

    Within   a project  or  initiative     management    context, controls   are management   actions  put  in place,  either    in advance  or as  a corrective   action,    to mitigate  known risks   related    to people,    processes,  costs,   scheduling      or other  factors   that  can impact   the  success  of the  project.

  • What is a Core Values?

    The organization's     beliefs   and principles    that  articulate the culture  of the  organization.      These  are the standards that   describe    how employees    and the  organization      are expected  to behave  internally  and externally.   They serve   as the  basis   for decision     making    and influence actions   in everyday  situations.

  • What is a Challenge (Pains)?

    Strategic    challenges    or obstacles;    derived   from  the SWOT  assessment:    Challenges=     Weaknesses+ Threats.

  • What is a Strategy Gap Analysis?

    A process  for comparing   an organization's     current strategic  planning   elements   with   good practices   to determine   which  elements    need  to be improved.

  • What is a Unit of Meaure?

    What's being counted,such as dollars, number of items, degrees, Fahrenhait

  • What is a Critical Uncertainties?

    Unpredictable external drivers such as public opinion or the economy. 

  • What is a Drivers

    Underlying causes of change that are external from the organization undertaking any scenario planning exercise. They are large scale forces such as funding cuts or policy changes that an individual arts organization is powerless to change in the short term.

  • What is a Risk

    The probability of an event occurring and the scale of the impact said event would have on an organization.

  • What is a Risk Management

    Planning how to respond to potential but defined risks with foresight rather than facts. The aim of risk management is developing strategies to reduce the impact of identified risks.

  • What is a System

    The context an organization operates within, it is composed of a range of variables including internal and external relationships.

  • What are Scenarios

    A statement that outlines plausible future operating contexts of a system (in this case an arts organization) under different conditions and potential drivers.

  • What is a Strategic Plan?

    Aroadmapthathelpsanorganizationmovesfromitscurrentworkingpracticestowardsadesired futurestateinwhichitsmission,andvisionisrealized.

  • What are Triggers?

    A combination of internal and or external conditions that lead to a change in operating conditions

  • What are Wild Cards?

    Major events that whilst unlikely to happen would have a dramatic impact if they did – for example a global epidemic.

  • What is a Balanced Scorecard ?

    An integrated strategic planning  and performance management system   that  communicates  with clarity an  organization's vision, mission and  strategy to employees and other stakeholders;  aligns lay-to-day work  to vision   and  strategy; provides a framework for prioritizing programs   and  projects; and uses strategic performance  measures and targets over four perspectives to measure progress

  • What is the Assumptions ?

    Within a project  or  initiative management context, assumptions document the capacities, systems, processes  or resources that  are anticipated to  be available during the project lifecycle and upon which project   success   depends.   In the context of the Assessment Step, assumptions are the shared beliefs and expectations held by the organization about  external and internal factors that influence the development of strategy.

  • What is Benchmark ?

    Comparison of one  organization's performance  to an industry standard or "best in class" performance.

  • What is a Business and Support Unit Scorecards ?

    A summary of each unit's performance plan-purpose, strategic objectives, performance measures and targets and  unit  initiatives-aligned with enterprise-wide strategy and  strategic objectives (part of the alignment process).   

  • What is a Cascade ?

    To translate the organization-wide strategic plan (referred to as Tier  I)  down  to first  business units, support units or departments (Tier 2) and then teams or individuals (Tier 3). The end result should  be focusacross all levels of the organization that is consistently aligned with the organization's strategy.

  • What is a Change Management?

    A structured   approach  to transitioning       individuals, teams  and organizations     from a current  state  to a desi  reel  future  state.

  • What is an Environmental Scan?

    External   and   internal   analyses    and assessments of an organization's     competitive   position,    policies and  regulations,     governance,   markets,   capacity  and capability,    customers     and  stakeholders.     Outputs  of the scan  include    the SWOT  assessment,   the PESTEL analysis    and  any  other   relevant   studies and  analyses.

  • What is a Estimated staff commitments?

    Within   a project  or  initiative     management    context,   the amount   of staff  time   and  sequencing     needed   for project management      and  operations

  • What is a Estimated budget and type of funds by year?

    Within   a project   or  initiative   management    context, funding   required   to successfully   execute   the  project, including    the  type  of funds  (strategy,  operational    or capital   improvement    dollars)   and  whether   multi-year funding    is  required.

  • What is a Formula?

    The mathematical     equation(s)    used   to calculate    a measurement,    preferably  a ratio  Ii ke percentage completion,    fraction   of a total,   rate  of errors   or defects per number  of occurrences,   costs per capita,   efficiency (output/input)    or productivity    (output/input/work     hour).

  • What is a Input Measure?

    A performance    driver  that  measures    attributes (amount,   type,   quality)   of resources   consumed   in processes that  produce   outputs.

  • What is a Intended Result?

    Desired  outcome associated   with   an  objective-a "plain    English"   description    of what  successful performance    looks  like.

  • What is a Lagging Measure?

    An  indicator   of past performance    that  shows  how successful   an organization    was in achieving    results.

  • What is a Leading Measure?

    An  indicator   of performance    that   is  a precursor    of future success.

  • What is a Major Tasks?

    Within    a project  or  initiative   management   context   the primary   activities    that   make up  the project and that need  to be accomplished     within   a defined   period   of time.

  • What is a Milestones?

      Within  a project  or initiative    management   context major  accomplishments    or task  completion   points   that have  a target  date.

  • What is a Mission?

    The  organization  purpose described   in the language of the  business,   including who  is  served   and  what products,    programs    and  services   are provided  to customers     and  stakeholders.

  • What is a Organizational Alignment?

      The existence    of a consistently     clear  understanding of the  organization's      mission,    vision    and  strategy throughout     an  entire organization.    An aligned organization    is  one where  everyone   understands how  what  they  do  contributes     to the  aspirations    of the  organd  it  is  clear   how  business    units support   units  and  employees    interact   to create   valu' s for the  organization's     customers   and  connect to the organization's     vision.

  • What is an Outcome Measure?

    A results  measure  that  captures impact, accomplishment     or resulting   changes   in  state.   (End Outcome=    final   accomplishment;    Intermediate Outcome=    intermediate   accomplishment)

  • What is an Output Measure?

    A results  measure  that defines   what   is produced    by a process and can  usually   be counted.   Outputs  that  are effective  lead  to  outcomes.

  • What is a Parking Lot?

    A method   used  by facilitators    to save ideas that will be used  later,   such as items that will  be used  in  later  steps in   the process  or  issues   that are not on the agenda  but need  to be addressed   at some  point.

  • What is a Performance Measure?

    Measurement   is  the  description,    often  quantification,      of a property   of an object,   activity,   process  or result  that enables  comparisons     across  items   being  compared  or across  time. Performance   measures  provide  objective evidence  of progress  towards  a strategic   goal  and are an analytical     basis   for  decision    making.

  • What is a Performance Measure Description?

    A field   on the performance   measurement   data definition    form  that captures  what the measurement   is about,  including    its intent,   why it  matters  and what  it includes    and excludes.

  • What is a Performance Measure Owner?

    Individual     responsible     for the measure  and associated data,  and who completes   the data definition    table, verifies   data,   assists   with   visualization      reporting  and recommends   measurement   changes   as needed.

  • What is a Performance Measure Location?

    A field  on  the performance   measurement   data definition    form  that captures  where  data resides  (e.g., HR department,     sales   department).

  • What is a Performance Measure Type?

    A field  on the performance    measurement   data definition     form  that captures  whether  the measure  is  an input,   process,  output,   project,  intermediate    outcome  or end outcome.

  • What is a Perspective?

    A perspective   is  a view   of organizational     strategic performance   viewed   through  a particular     "lens".   Four basic  perspectives    are traditionally      used to encompass an organization's      activities,    although    the  specific names  might  be adapted  to fit the particular      vernacular of the organization.     Typical   perspectives    include financial    (or stewardship   in  the public  sector),  customer (stakeholder),   internal   process  and organization capacity   (or learning   and growth).  The organization's business   model,    which   encompasses   its  mission,   vision and  strategy,   determines   the appropriate   perspective names.

  • What is a PESTEL?

    PESTEL  (or PESTLE)  is  an acronym  for Political, Economic,    Socio-Economic,     Technological, Environmental      and Legislative,     which  are the factors considered   within  a PESTEL  analysis.     A PESTEL analysis    considers  the external   environment     affecting the organization    and is  grouped  into major categories.

  • What is a Portfolio?

    A set of projects  or programs  (potential     and funded) that are grouped  together  for the purpose  of evaluation, prioritization,       optimization,     selection    and execution management.

  • What is a Portfolio Management?

    The  use of a disciplined    approach  for decision    making and an objective   evaluation  of performance   to ensure that projects  are selected   and executed  in  groupings and sequences    that  optimize  the desired  results  for the organization.

  • What is a Presentation?

    A field on the performance   measurement   data definition   form  that captures  the initial   plan  for visualization      to inform  users,  usually  some sort of graph  or chart  that demonstrates   the  overall  direction or level  of performance   over some period  of time  in  a comparative   way.

  • What is a Project Stakeholder?

    Within  a project  or initiative  management   context, someone  who has a vested  interest  in the  outcome of the project.   All  objective  owners/strategic   theme owners/perspective    owners   who are  monitoringperformance     that will be affected  by an  initiative    are stakeholders      in that initiative.

  • What is a Project Roles and Responsibilities?

    The  expected  roles and responsibilities   for the initiative owner  and team  members

  • What is a Purpose/ Business Case?

    Within  a project  or initiative  management    context,  an explanation   of the thinking  behind  the proposed  project that defines  how the project  will  impact  performance and the estimated   cost I benefit results.

  • What is a Risks and Mitigation Plan and Control?

    Factors  that  may negatively   impact  the successful execution  of the project,   an assessment   of how  likely the risk  is to occur,  the likely  impact  on  the  project  and a plan   to lessen  the risk   and manage   its impact.

  • What is a What is a Risk Management?

    A process  of understanding,      assessing  and accounting for external    and internal    risks  associated  with  running an  organization.

  • What is a Scenario Planning?

    A technique   used  to assess  possible   alternative   future socio-economic-political       environmental     states  that the organization    may face going forward.

  • What is a Scope?

    Within  a project  or initiative  management   context, scope  is  the general   description   of a project  in terms of specific  project  goals,   de!  iverables,  tasks,  costs and deadlines.      The description   needs   to be complete enough  that others   can  understand   what  the  project includes  and does  not include.

  • What is a Process Measure?

      Process   measures  are performance    drivers    that measure  what  is  happening   in the system   or process that   produces  a specific   output  (efficiency,   quality,   time lines,   waste).  For  example,  efficiency   measures  are the ratio  of outputs  to inputs.

  • What is a Program Champion?

    The  person(s)   responsible  for day-to-day   leadership    and support  of a strategic   planning   and management   system implementation     program.   They  provide  schedule   and logistics  support,   subject  matter  expertise    and training and facilitation    services  as needed   and serve  as an information   conduit  for all  teams.

  • What is a Project?

    A collective   endeavor,   with  a defined  beginning   and encl,   undertaken   to meet specific  goals   or objectives and containing    specific  deliverables.     A project   is "owned"   by someone   in the organization,     may be staffed  by a temporary,  often  cross-functional,      team and usually    has a specific  budget  al located  to it. See Strategic Initiative.

  • What is a Program?

      A collective    endeavor  undertaken   to meet specific goals   or objectives    and containing   specific  deliverables. Typically   broader  and sometimes  more permanent than   a project,   a program   is  "owned"  by someone  in the  organization,     may be staffed  by a temporary,  often cross-functional,      team  and usually    has  a specific  budget allocated   to it.

  • What is a Project Management?

    The discipline    of planning,     organizing   and managing resources   to effectively  achieve  specific   deliverables and goals.

  • What is a Project performance measures and reporting?

    Metrics  to track execution:  schedule  against  target, resources   consumed  against  target,  scope  changes and risk.

  • What is a Stakeholders??

    The  universe   of entities,    either    as individuals     or groups, that  have   an interest   in the organization.     Examples   may include   customers,   employees,  vendors,    regulators, directors,    suppliers  and  community   groups.

  • What is a Strategic Initiative?

    New  or continuing   projects   and actions    designed to improve  performance     of one or more strategic objectives.

  • What is a Strategic Objectives?

      The specific   continuous     improvement   activities, balanced    across  the  perspectives,     that break down  strategy  into smaller  components   and make strategy   actionable     by involving    all employees  in operationalizing      the organization's   goals.

  • What is a Strategic Initiative Owner?

    Individual      responsible     for managing    the initiative.

  • What is a Strategic Objective Commentary?

    The documentation   that captures  the essence   of the  team's  discussion    about strategic   objectives.    It addresses   what  each   objective   means,  what  it includes and does  not  include  or why it was selected   over other options.    It includes  a basic   description,     the intended result   of the objective,   candidate  performance   measures and candidate  strategic   initiatives.

  • What is a Strategic Objective Owner?

    Individual      assigned    to be responsible    for a strategic objective.

  • What is a Strategic Management?

    The comprehensive     collection  of ongoing activities    and processes   that organizations   use  to systematically     coordinate    and   align   resources  and actions  with   mission,     vision    and strategy  throughout an organization.      Strategic   management    activities transform   a static   plan  into a system  that provides strategic  performance   feedback  to decision     making  and enables    the  plan   to evolve   and  grow  as requirements and other  circumstances    change.

  • What is a Strategic Management Maturity Model?

    A tool  for evaluating   how well an organization     is translating    the strategic   plan  into action.    It indicates how  far the organization    has gone in terms  of making strategy  a foundation   of continuous    improvement    in  all its  operations.

  • What is a Strategic Plan?

    The document  used  to communicate   with   an organization      the organizational      goals,   the actions needed   to achieve  those  goals   and all of the  other critical    elements    developed    during  the planning exercise.

  • What is a Strategic Planning?

      An organizational     management   activity   that  is used to set priorities,    focus energy  and resources, strengthen   operations,    ensure  that employees  and other  stakeholders   are working  toward  common   goals, establish  agreement   around  intended  outcomes/results and assess  and adjust  the organization's   direction   in response  to a changing  environment.     lt is  a disciplined effort  that produces   fundamental    decisions     and actions that  shape  and guide  what an  organization     is,  who  it serves,  what it does and why it  does it,   with   a focus  on the future.  Effective  strategic   planning    articulates    not only where  an organization   is  going and the actions needed  to make  progress,  but also  how it  will know  if it  is  successful.   The result  of the planning    process  is a strategic    plan.

  • What is a Strategic Results (or Goals)?

    End outcomes    from  successfully    executing   the organization's       strategy.

  • What is a Strategic Theme?

    The  three   or  four strategic    focus  areas  that  build on the customer    value   proposition     to  define   the  organization's high-level     business  strategy,   break  down   the  vision and mission     into action    and focus   energy   on  desired strategic   results.

  • What is a Strategic Thinking?

    A process  of thinking  about   all  the  elements    of an organization's     approach  to doing business,    starting with   the  elements    with  the broadest  impact,   such  as regulations,     environment,     policy,   values  and culture.

  • What is a Strategy?

    The  positioning   choices    made  and the actions taken,    from  many   choices   and actions  that   are potentially     available,    to move the  organization      from its  current   state   to some  desirable    future  state.   How an  organization     intends  to accomplish   its  vision;    an approach   or  "game  plan".

  • What is a Strategy Execution?

    The  process  of carrying  out a strategy  or turning  a plan into  reality.

  • What is a Strategy Map?

    A graphic  that shows the cause-and-effect     relationships between   objectives    in four perspectives.     Linked objectives    show  how value  is  created  by the organization.