• What is a Milestones?

      Within  a project  or initiative    management   context major  accomplishments    or task  completion   points   that have  a target  date.

  • What is a Mission?

    The  organization  purpose described   in the language of the  business,   including who  is  served   and  what products,    programs    and  services   are provided  to customers     and  stakeholders.

  • What is a Organizational Alignment?

      The existence    of a consistently     clear  understanding of the  organization's      mission,    vision    and  strategy throughout     an  entire organization.    An aligned organization    is  one where  everyone   understands how  what  they  do  contributes     to the  aspirations    of the  organd  it  is  clear   how  business    units support   units  and  employees    interact   to create   valu' s for the  organization's     customers   and  connect to the organization's     vision.

  • What is an Outcome Measure?

    A results  measure  that  captures impact, accomplishment     or resulting   changes   in  state.   (End Outcome=    final   accomplishment;    Intermediate Outcome=    intermediate   accomplishment)

  • What is an Output Measure?

    A results  measure  that defines   what   is produced    by a process and can  usually   be counted.   Outputs  that  are effective  lead  to  outcomes.

  • What is a Parking Lot?

    A method   used  by facilitators    to save ideas that will be used  later,   such as items that will  be used  in  later  steps in   the process  or  issues   that are not on the agenda  but need  to be addressed   at some  point.

  • What is a Performance Measure?

    Measurement   is  the  description,    often  quantification,      of a property   of an object,   activity,   process  or result  that enables  comparisons     across  items   being  compared  or across  time. Performance   measures  provide  objective evidence  of progress  towards  a strategic   goal  and are an analytical     basis   for  decision    making.

  • What is a Performance Measure Description?

    A field   on the performance   measurement   data definition    form  that captures  what the measurement   is about,  including    its intent,   why it  matters  and what  it includes    and excludes.

  • What is a Performance Measure Owner?

    Individual     responsible     for the measure  and associated data,  and who completes   the data definition    table, verifies   data,   assists   with   visualization      reporting  and recommends   measurement   changes   as needed.

  • What is a Performance Measure Location?

    A field  on  the performance   measurement   data definition    form  that captures  where  data resides  (e.g., HR department,     sales   department).