• What is a Change Management?

    A structured   approach  to transitioning       individuals, teams  and organizations     from a current  state  to a desi  reel  future  state.

  • What is an Environmental Scan?

    External   and   internal   analyses    and assessments of an organization's     competitive   position,    policies and  regulations,     governance,   markets,   capacity  and capability,    customers     and  stakeholders.     Outputs  of the scan  include    the SWOT  assessment,   the PESTEL analysis    and  any  other   relevant   studies and  analyses.

  • What is a Estimated staff commitments?

    Within   a project  or  initiative     management    context,   the amount   of staff  time   and  sequencing     needed   for project management      and  operations

  • What is a Estimated budget and type of funds by year?

    Within   a project   or  initiative   management    context, funding   required   to successfully   execute   the  project, including    the  type  of funds  (strategy,  operational    or capital   improvement    dollars)   and  whether   multi-year funding    is  required.

  • What is a Formula?

    The mathematical     equation(s)    used   to calculate    a measurement,    preferably  a ratio  Ii ke percentage completion,    fraction   of a total,   rate  of errors   or defects per number  of occurrences,   costs per capita,   efficiency (output/input)    or productivity    (output/input/work     hour).

  • What is a Input Measure?

    A performance    driver  that  measures    attributes (amount,   type,   quality)   of resources   consumed   in processes that  produce   outputs.

  • What is a Intended Result?

    Desired  outcome associated   with   an  objective-a "plain    English"   description    of what  successful performance    looks  like.

  • What is a Lagging Measure?

    An  indicator   of past performance    that  shows  how successful   an organization    was in achieving    results.

  • What is a Leading Measure?

    An  indicator   of performance    that   is  a precursor    of future success.

  • What is a Major Tasks?

    Within    a project  or  initiative   management   context   the primary   activities    that   make up  the project and that need  to be accomplished     within   a defined   period   of time.