• What is a System

    The context an organization operates within, it is composed of a range of variables including internal and external relationships.

  • What are Scenarios

    A statement that outlines plausible future operating contexts of a system (in this case an arts organization) under different conditions and potential drivers.

  • What is a Strategic Plan?

    Aroadmapthathelpsanorganizationmovesfromitscurrentworkingpracticestowardsadesired futurestateinwhichitsmission,andvisionisrealized.

  • What are Triggers?

    A combination of internal and or external conditions that lead to a change in operating conditions

  • What are Wild Cards?

    Major events that whilst unlikely to happen would have a dramatic impact if they did – for example a global epidemic.

  • What is a Balanced Scorecard ?

    An integrated strategic planning  and performance management system   that  communicates  with clarity an  organization's vision, mission and  strategy to employees and other stakeholders;  aligns lay-to-day work  to vision   and  strategy; provides a framework for prioritizing programs   and  projects; and uses strategic performance  measures and targets over four perspectives to measure progress

  • What is the Assumptions ?

    Within a project  or  initiative management context, assumptions document the capacities, systems, processes  or resources that  are anticipated to  be available during the project lifecycle and upon which project   success   depends.   In the context of the Assessment Step, assumptions are the shared beliefs and expectations held by the organization about  external and internal factors that influence the development of strategy.

  • What is Benchmark ?

    Comparison of one  organization's performance  to an industry standard or "best in class" performance.

  • What is a Business and Support Unit Scorecards ?

    A summary of each unit's performance plan-purpose, strategic objectives, performance measures and targets and  unit  initiatives-aligned with enterprise-wide strategy and  strategic objectives (part of the alignment process).   

  • What is a Cascade ?

    To translate the organization-wide strategic plan (referred to as Tier  I)  down  to first  business units, support units or departments (Tier 2) and then teams or individuals (Tier 3). The end result should  be focusacross all levels of the organization that is consistently aligned with the organization's strategy.