• What is a Constraints?

    Within   a project   or  initiative      management     context, constraints    are technological,      resource,   capacity,    skill, knowledge    or other  constraints     that may limit the  scope or execution    of the  project.

  • What is a Controls?

    Within   a project  or  initiative     management    context, controls   are management   actions  put  in place,  either    in advance  or as  a corrective   action,    to mitigate  known risks   related    to people,    processes,  costs,   scheduling      or other  factors   that  can impact   the  success  of the  project.

  • What is a Core Values?

    The organization's     beliefs   and principles    that  articulate the culture  of the  organization.      These  are the standards that   describe    how employees    and the  organization      are expected  to behave  internally  and externally.   They serve   as the  basis   for decision     making    and influence actions   in everyday  situations.

  • What is a Challenge (Pains)?

    Strategic    challenges    or obstacles;    derived   from  the SWOT  assessment:    Challenges=     Weaknesses+ Threats.

  • What is a Strategy Gap Analysis?

    A process  for comparing   an organization's     current strategic  planning   elements   with   good practices   to determine   which  elements    need  to be improved.

  • What is a Unit of Meaure?

    What's being counted,such as dollars, number of items, degrees, Fahrenhait

  • What is a Critical Uncertainties?

    Unpredictable external drivers such as public opinion or the economy. 

  • What is a Drivers

    Underlying causes of change that are external from the organization undertaking any scenario planning exercise. They are large scale forces such as funding cuts or policy changes that an individual arts organization is powerless to change in the short term.

  • What is a Risk

    The probability of an event occurring and the scale of the impact said event would have on an organization.

  • What is a Risk Management

    Planning how to respond to potential but defined risks with foresight rather than facts. The aim of risk management is developing strategies to reduce the impact of identified risks.